Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bridesmaid Bachelorette Games Will Be The Life Of The Party

bridesmaid bachelorette games will be the life of the party every time. These bridesmaid bachelorette games are so much fun that you will never want to day to end. What a great way to spend your last day and night before you take the plunge into matrimony. Getting married is a big step and there are a lot of nerves involved spending some time with your friends playing fun bridesmaid bachelorette games is a great way to get away from all of the stress for a day. This time is essential to your sanity and peace of mind and when you are playing bridesmaid bachelorette games you are bound to have a blast.

There are all kinds of different bridesmaid bachelorette games out there for you to choose from. You will find tons of great drinking bridesmaid bachelorette games but not everyone drinks so having some alternatives is always a good idea. I Never is a popular drinking game that is always a hoot. Everyone sits in a circle and each person takes a turn saying "I never...." Now anyone who has done whatever they have not has to take a drink. These types of bridesmaid bachelorette games are a riot and a half. You will have a blast playing bridesmaid bachelorette games any time.

Here is another of the more silly bridesmaid bachelorette games. Put some peas on a stool and each woman gets a turn to try to maneuver the peas into a bowl that is beside the stool. The trick is that you cannot use your hands in any way, you have to use your butt. This is one of the more fun and amusing bridesmaid bachelorette games, especially if you have already played some drinking games. This is one of the most hilarious of the bridesmaid bachelorette games actually if you have already got a good buzz going.

This is one of my favorite bridesmaid bachelorette games. Each guest has to bring a pair of underwear to the party. As she arrives these get put away and the bride never sees who brings what. Later on once everyone has arrived and you are all ready for the bridesmaid bachelorette games the undies get strung up on a clothesline and the bride has to try to guess whose is whose. You can do this where everyone's guesses as well. This is one of the bridesmaid bachelorette games. Of all the bridesmaid bachelorette games this is one of the most fun ones.