Saturday, January 9, 2010

Naked Bridesmaids

Naked bridesmaids can be fun and they can certainly spice up a party. Let's face it if you are going to introduce naked bridesmaids Into the equation you are going to have to fight off the male guests with a stick. Can you imagine the fights that could break out to get into your reception if you had naked bridesmaids? It would be anarchy, there would be no controlling anyone when there were naked bridesmaids around.

Probably the only time you would find naked bridesmaids is if you were lucky enough to get invited to a nudist wedding. If you did I am sure that you would find tons of naked bridesmaids roaming around the festivities. If you do ever get to attend one of these weddings that have naked bridesmaids be sure that you are one of the first to get introduced because the competition will be fierce and if you want to be remembered you will have to be one of the first in there. Naked bridesmaids are fun.

If you are getting married soon you should seriously consider having naked bridesmaids at your wedding. I know it sounds silly but think about it, no one will ever forget it. Your wedding will be the wedding of the century if you have naked bridesmaids. All of your friends and family will be talking about your naked bridesmaids forever. You will be a legend and your wedding will go down in the history books. Long after you are gone and buried people will be telling stories about how at your wedding you had naked bridesmaids.

The only problem that you may run up against is talking your bridesmaids into being naked bridesmaids. Most women will not jump at the chance to become naked bridesmaids. They might feel a little shy or scared but your job is to convince them that it is all in good fun, let them know that if they are naked bridesmaids they will still be able to have a ball. After all if they really loved you and wanted what was best for you, wouldn't they take one for the team and be naked bridesmaids, it is only for one day, right?